Why Choose Natural Look Spray Tans?
Professional Service since 2013


Established in 2013 by Marie-Claire who has been providing clients in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with a professional spray tan service that they know they can trust.

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Customer Care


Natural Look Spray Tans provides clients with a flawless natural looking tan, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best.

Using only solutions containing natural sugar derived DHA and the most natural ingredients available, Natural Look Spray Tans offers a selection of professional brands, including fully certified organic solutions.

Commitment to:

  • Providing clients with a flawless, natural looking tan.

  • Leading the way when it comes to providing the very best in customer care.


  • Promoting safer tanning practices by providing clients with a sunless tan, using the most natural products available on the market.


  • Educating clients on the importance of safer tanning practices and the damaging, harmful effects of using solariums and sun exposure.


A Safer, Beautiful, Natural Looking Tan


Natural Look Spray Tans offers you the luxury of a safer, beautiful, natural looking tan in North Bondi or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


Whether you are lazing around in PJ's, enjoying the great outdoors, painting the town red, or looking forward to an intimate night in with someone special, you can look and feel great with your Natural Look Spray Tan, all year round.


So it's time to relax!  Now you have the perfect excuse take some time out to relax and unwind while your tan finishes drying.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


You are going to love your Natrual Look Spray Tan, however if by chance you are not happy with the service or quality of your tan, Natural Look Spray Tans offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


Product Policy


Natural Look Spray Tans' product policy is to use the most natural tanning solutions available whilst also ensuring the best results for clients.


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Now you won't have to worry about:


  • Premature aging and the increased risk of skin cancer caused by exposure to UV rays while laying out in the sun or in a solarium.


  • Getting caught in the rain running to your car, only to find your beautiful tan has turned into a blotchy mess in an instant.


  • Trying to discretely dash, braless, to your car, for those of us who are a little more bustier than others.


  • Having to get dressed before your tan has finished drying.